Tiffany Gaines: The Woman Building Money-Making Musicians & Entrepreneurs

Tiffany Gaines, founder and CEO of ­SS Global Entertainment, launched the music powerhouse nearly fifteen years ago. She had one goal in mind, which was to create a platform where musicians and music creatives could join a company with resources and a network made available to them that encouraged patience, consistency and hard work which in turn would deliver a promising approach to progress, growth and a blueprint towards financial freedom.

With uncontested dedication, Gaines managed to build the company’s roster solely without any initial third-party investments and it has since become one of the world’s most prominent and trusted companies known for artist development, management, public relations and digital distribution for all genres and niches of music and entertainment solely ran by one person, Gaines herself. 

SS Global Entertainment is home to over 4,000 musicians, producers, managers and 47 record labels combined. Each client is contracted non-exclusively. Following sealing the deal, Gaines provides her clients with training and formulated strategies which, in duration, takes approximately four months before they begin seeing residuals from their performance of tasks given. Her blueprint is designed to create a consistent flow of monthly income which will then allow a more substantial budget to be generated annually, which in turn grants the ability to be able to seek the level of marketing that delivers results comparable to those signed to major labels. 

During a time where distribution, marketing and management companies are at an all-time high, people are still heading over to Gaines, and the simple reason behind it, is that she’s actually taking the time to teach her clients on how to become a profiting brand. She prepares each and every one of them to become a knowledgeable entrepreneur which, in this day and age, is a priceless exchange for the one-time fee she charges to join. To put it simply, other companies are concerned more about hidden deductions, disclaimers and annual fees while Gaines is more interested in the potential growth of her clients by volume and residuals through building successfully growing and profiting entrepreneurs all with their best interest as well as hers’ in mind; ergo the main concept behind the meaning of the company’s name “Shared Success” Global Entertainment. By training them to become a powerful and consistently profiting machine, this produces, for the company, a 30% monthly residual which is the secret behind her offering services below market cost which becomes another perk behind joining.

It’s all quite a simple process to Gaines. Once she saw that her blueprints were actually working, she began taking on clients in all industries. Her roster ranges from authors, motivational speakers, CEO’s, producers, models, actors, DJ’s and musicians just to name a few. 

When it comes to the main goal behind a musician, music creative or entertainer, most have the dream of hitting it big with a major record label, film/production company or large entity. With SS Global Entertainment, by learning the fundamentals behind what it takes to create a brand that actually sells itself and grows at a consistent rate attainable through anyone’s schedule or lifestyle, it places a much more realistic expectation of transitioning into a successful brand leaving the want of becoming “rich and famous” as something no longer of priority. Especially when signing to a major label requires a large percentage of earnings to be cut completely out of the equation in exchange for fame leaving it nearly impossible to earn enough to pay it back. To put it simply, Gaines sees the bigger picture and that’s an understatement when you take a look at how many people she has mentored under her guidance and teachings.  

Gaines graduated from the University of California, Riverside, with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science with an emphasis in Law and Society. While studying, she signed a contract with Barbizon Modeling where she featured in brands such as Baby Phat and Tommy Hilfiger but didn’t find promise in it as, to her, it lacked substance and took her off of the path of her purpose filled journey. “I would watch the way the other models were being addressed as if they were just property wearing clothes for popular brands and would often ask myself ‘Why in the world am I here, this is the wrong type of empowering feeling that comes with modeling and I would rather use my brain to get ahead. I want more than this for me’”, she recalls.

In 2001, at the age of 21, Gaines founded her first company, Blasia’s Entertainment, where she contracted many of whom she modeled with at Barbizon and began securing major gigs enhancing their likeness and image with magazines, music videos, high level celebrity events etc. She eventually found herself hosting popular local events and major concerts and within 6 years, contracted nearly 2000 clients including entertainers, musicians, actors, DJ’s and models.  

In 2006, Gaines launched SS Global Entertainment where she continued to build a name for herself as one of integrity and professionalism. In 2o13, she signed a partnership deal with LRT Entertainment, and eventually accepted the role as CEO. Gaines proceeded to expand her network through contracting clients for management and public relations, and eventually in 2018 partnered with Amada Records and sits currently as COO. Both company services were combined with efforts to offer nearly 1,000 musicians the opportunity to be featured on their popular compilations that charted as high as number 1 on both iTunes and Billboard charts and others falling in the top 25 tiers in different genres and categories. 

While Gaines pursues making a difference, the truth remains inevitable; most major record labels are going to continue working for the success of the company rather than the individual. Therefore, unfortunately, the ever so popular “360” termed deal will continue to cause individuals to find themselves locked into something they wish they hadn’t. In the meantime, Gaines reiterates that SS Global Entertainment will continue to strive towards bettering the lives of many. While it’s not quite the most popular choice just yet, Gaines and her process of thinking is still definitely making an impression on the possibility of building the true potential behind the independent musician and entrepreneur. Regardless however of the sad and undeniable truth, Gaines remains insistent on meeting her goal of taking her formula and blueprints global. Even with the unlikeliness of this concept becoming mainstream, at the rate she’s going… things appear quite promising for the independent scene. 

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