There’s No Nickel and Diming With Quarter tha Great!!!

Written By S. Denise

Proven that determination and hard work pay off, Quarter tha Great is no stranger to self-discipline. He was able to embark on a weight loss journey and lose over 300lbs. The mental, physical, and emotional fortitude of this journey demonstrates his ability to have the grit, desire and will power to take the rap scene by storm. Black Skin his new LP released in 2020, pays homage to the beauty of Blackness. His capability to distinctively capture and honor the power of melanin proves his creative ability is unique and succinct. Black Skin is a melodic tune, filled with rhythmic cadences that breathe life into the lyrics. Quarter tha Great’s passion exudes as he addresses historical references that have previously attempted to keep Black people disenfranchised. Honoring his blackness, he creates moments of satire which would make any true hip hop head proud. It is evident he pulls from the influence of hip-hop greats that have paved the road before him such as Jay Z. Ultimately, he caught the attention of Grammy nominated producer/ music industry artist, Malissa “Mali” Hunter. Rooted in real culture and an undeniable skill to cultivate art through lyrics Black Skin is by far the next anthem for every brother and sister saturated with melanin. He is truly an artist to be on the look out for; I have no doubt that he will continue to deliver.

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