The Unstoppable E Da God Will “Grind” His Way to the Top

The Gospel of Luke says, “Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much” (Luke 16:11, NIV). Eric Chapel embraces that wisdom. Christening himself “E Da God,” Chapel commits himself to daily incremental improvement. E Da God’s meticulous eye never glances over details. An exacting businessman, he even named his record label “Thorough by Nature.” “Whatever we’re doing,” said E Da God, “we’re going to make sure we’ve got all the small details fine-tuned. We respect what we do. And we want you to respect what we do.”

E Da God’s album A Wave in Time features the track “Grind.” In the lyrics, E notes that success is won in the scrupulous tasks of simple, daily living. “Once you get a couple bucks,” E advises the listener, “make sure you put a couple up.” E further expounded, “You have limited energy. So every day, you have to devote that energy to where you want it to go. I made A Wave in Time in 45 days. I’m focused on learning. I want experiments. I want to see what’s useful here and what works there.”

An investor at heart, E values productivity. If he believes in something, he will contribute time (and money) to it. But E definitely expects a return on his investment. Though he’s only been

making music for under a year, he understands the need to get feedback from followers. “Engaging with the public is already something I’m really familiar with,” E recalled. “I used to own a bar in Cincinnati. So nobody’s telling me how to do this.”

But E Da God’s successes don’t stop there. His other business ventures include a trucking line, clothing line, and food truck company. Just 3 months after A Wave in Time, E released the Workin’ EP in January. “It’s just so easy for me to come up with it,” said E. “Everybody wants a whole loaf of bread. Who doesn’t? But most people don’t know how to use crumbs to get that loaf.” When E isn’t making his own music, he networks with other artists on his Thorough by Nature label. “Whoever wants to work, can work,” said E. “If their energy works with our energy, we can work. My people all wear different hats, so I expect people to learn.”

E Da God relentlessly pursues process. He doesn’t think about having to “make it” because he makes it every single day. “I weather the storm,” E said, “I’m going to show you how to work the game. If I have to release 1 million songs, that’s still 1 million streams.”

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“Wave In Time”

“No Cap”

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