The ‘Soundtrack To The Revolution’ Is Just What We Needed


Bringin’ raw energy to the m-i-c, an entire crew of talents have joined forces to create a set-list stocked with socially-conscious bars & wild beats designed specifically to be the Soundtrack To The Revolution.

Brought together by the hottest music-page on the Instagram scene today – Music Monopoly – along with the most controversial social-media star the world has ever known, the one & only Smackwater – they’ve assembled a full team of the best emcees in the game today & some of the most skilled studio aces you’ll ever find behind the boards to bring the magic to the mix.  Flexing the finesse of a flawless record like Dre’s The Chronic, with the wisdom & edge to be found in Public Enemy – the Soundtrack To The Revolution will NOT be televised – it’ll come booming through speakers from the lefts to the rights.

With skilled mechanics & veterans of the game like Kaila Mayne, Kidricc James, Devios, and Icece, in addition to new stars on the scene like Divine Justice, B Young, Raw Life, J Blacc, Tay G, Dubblenut, Mercury Mac, and Rush Poverty’s Poet – the lineup is fueled with passion for the cause and armed with verbal skills that are second to none.  Featuring essential guests like the R&B talents of LaDy & T J Boyce supplying spectacular hooks, a bold spoken-word appearance by Kaleb Isreal Tha God, and many more powerhouse names in the industry like Paul wall & Cal Wayne – together they unite to fearlessly tackle important social issues like systemic racism, culture wars, & police brutality, while also providing the audible blueprint on how to make the necessary changes for that better tomorrow the people need.

Soundtrack To The Revolution is a full-on sensory experience & thought-provoking record designed to be every bit as explosive & educational as it is straight-up entertaining.  Performed by respected minds & high-caliber voices unafraid to speak up loud & proud to lead the way at a time when the world needs it more than ever – Soundtrack To The Revolution is the fuel to the fire that will light the way forward.  Expertly produced by Antoine Jijuane, Sudari Scott, Mo Drinx, and the legendary skills of multi-platinum producer Mike B – no stone has been left unturned, no punches have been pulled, and nothing has been held back in pursuit of speaking truth to power through their mission to make music that truly matters. 

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