The Cast Of Tyler Perry’s ‘BRUH’ Discussed Mid-First Season, Tyler Perry And More!

As the series returns next week, the final episode left us in a frenzy, trying to figure out what was going to happen next. Tyler Perry’s Bruh follows the lives of four longtime thirty-something-year-old friends in the present day in Atlanta. Finding themselves as men and navigating life, careers, and courtship. However, their quest for romance has continuously been a bump in the road for these guys. The series shows a healthy image of black brotherhood while bringing awareness to some stereotypes faced by men of color. 

Bruh stars Barry Brewer as Jonathan “John” Watts, Mahdi Cocci as Tom Brooks, Phillip Mullings Jr as Mike Alexander, and Monti Washington as Bill Frazier. The cast spoke about what to expect from part two of season one, staying creative during quarantine, working with Tyler Perry, and more. 

Each of the cast members discussed the roles of their characters for the upcoming season. “There is a lot to come on the next season. As Tom growing into the level headed one out of the group,” said Mahdi Cocci. Monti Washington added, “I feel blessed and humble. The characters on the show represent us in real life. This is a brotherhood.” 

Although the scenes were filmed before Covid-19, the cast members have been spending time with family and friends during quarantine while staying creative. “I’ve been working on projects with my guy, Phillip. We have been working on something together, and we can’t wait for everyone to check it out,” said Barry. As they proceed back on set during the pandemic, Tyler is going above and beyond to make sure everyone is safe. 

When asked about their experience working with Perry, Mike expressed how Tyler is the hardest working man in Hollywood. “You have to step up to his level of work ethic. It keeps us motivated and wanting to work harder.” Barry expressed his though as well. “It’s an honor to work with him. Everyone is a fan of Tyler Perry, and I am a fan. Then when you work with him, you’re in awe because it’s you get to see him in his element.” 

The recent passing of actor Chadwick Boseman sparks a conversation amongst the actors. The impact Boseman had on their lives left them distraught. “I’m inspired by his work either,” said Phillip. “The people who have worked with him always said he was relentless as his cancer progressed from Stage 3 to Stage 4. It was like I have no excuse. This man was still working while dealing with cancer. It makes me want to be a better person, and I’m thankful for his legacy.” 

Tyler Perry’s Bruh mid-season returns on September 10th only on BET Plus. 

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