Texas Rap Phenom Kidricc James Hits Hard With ‘Carpe Diem Vol 2: The G.A.M.E’

There seems to be a lot of talk within industry circles about rapper Kidricc James. The budding rap mogul continues to make great strides in the independent music scene and beyond. The Texas based emcee has music running through his veins. He is wise beyond his years and his music reflects his trials, tribulations and triumphs. Kidricc James, formerly known as K.I.D,  is an astute artist. He is a musical chameleon. His constant goal is to continually raise the bar of his craft. Kidricc’s cinematic street dialect compacted with phenomenal word play and witty punchlines set him apart in the crowded Rap music marketplace. His aggressive lyrical style resonates with honesty and sincerity.

Kidricc James has developed his talent amidst many obstacles. And over the years, he has assembled a total package of musical genius, magnetic charisma and business acumen. Kidricc marches to the beat of his own drum. He makes music from the heart and shares it with the world. The dynamic wordsmith is on a mission to elevate, and inspire! He is determined not to live in the shadows of someone else’s legacy; Kidricc James is here to create his own path. He is a member of the legendary underground Hip Hop group DSMC. Kidricc has collaborated with Devin The Dude, Paul Wall, Slim Thug, Pusha T, and Kool Keith. Equally important, he has worked with such platinum producers as The Runners, Cory Mo, Dj pain 1, Mr Lee, and Mike B.

Additionally, the breakout rapper has rolled out his 16th album entitled “Carpe Diem Vol 2: The G.A.M.E,” which is available on all streaming platforms.  The project is a critical success and it is receiving a great amount of kudos from notable industry insiders and key music blogs. The  album demonstrates Kidricc James’ unadulterated candor. It’s packed with hard hitting street anthems, catchy hooks, top notch production and raw lyricism. The stellar production on the project is deftly handled by producers DJ Pain 1, Lazerguided Jay, 3Kube Beats, OG Bowser, Killa Tex and Joe Lee. “Carpe Diem Vol 2: The G.A.M.E” highlights Kidricc James’ poignant cadence, delivery and flow coupled with features by Big Pup, Bigg Fatts and See Green. The end result is a dynamic album that is sure to satisfy Hip Hop pundits nationwide. Follow him on IG @KidriccJames

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