T.I. Refuses To Pit Cardi B And Nicki Minaj Against Each Other: “I Ain’t Got To Choose A Side”

T.I. has never quite been the rapper to follow suit on what everyone else is doing. We could almost assume “trending” being one of his least favorite words. And in a recent ‘Rap Radar’ podcast episode, he further proved that he wasn’t going to stand for the on-going comparisons and debates between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj fans. 

It all started last week, when the Atlanta rappeshared on his ‘ExpediTIously’ podcast his Top 50 list of rappers. And when it came to Nicki’s spot on the list, T.I. stated that she may have to be excluded if it came down to her or Lil Kim. Of course, Nicki fans weren’t too happy about that. T.I. followed up his statements on the podcast by posting his updated Top 50 on his Instagram, Nicki Minaj included. 

Fast forward to Rap Radar‘s podcast, T.I. sat down with his ‘Rhythm + Flow’ co-judge Cardi B and hosts Elliott Wilson and Brian “B.Dot” Miller to talk about his new Netflix series, as well as share his thoughts about “miserable, lonely mothaf*ckas” who he says have tried to make him choose sides when it comes to supporting female artists.

T.I. said he received some “indirect flack” after featuring a tribute to Nicki and Cardi in the same Trap Museum art installation over the summer. “Of course, everybody [was like], ‘How could you?! [Cardi] hasn’t been rapping long enough! She ain’t put out enough!’ Hey, whoa. ‘You’re being disrespectful to Nicki!’ Whoa. When does celebrating two queens become disrespectful to one? I never understood that. This is an acknowledgment.”

He continued, “Both of these young ladies have struggled and overcame obstacles and defied the odds to put themselves in positions to represent them and the next generation. Why in the hell is you tryin’ to pit one against the other? They have they own personal differences,” he said, adding, “It ain’t my job to perpetuate that. And I ain’t got to choose a side, unlike you miserable, lonely mothaf*ckas. [I have] my own opinion. I’m a free thinker, and free thinkers think freely.” 

Was Tip right? Or was he absolutely right? Check out the full ‘Rap Radar’ podcast episode here! Cardi B & T.I., Episode 78 — Rap Radar, Cardi B, T.I.

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