Sultry and Soulful Singer Nialand Offers an Introspective Look at 2020 With New EP ‘Words and Sounds to Quarantine To’

Four songs that offer an outlet of mental, emotional and spiritual introspection during trying times are about to make their way around the world from soulful singer, Nialand.

“Words and Sounds to Quarantine To” is the latest EP from this singer-songwriter who has made a name for herself both nationally and internationally since the early 2000s.

A sound so melodic, so soulful, so eclectic and full of passion and purpose doesn’t come around often. Nialand has a style so powerful that it reaches audiences of all kinds. Her gift is full of color, truth, soul, experience, and a bit of edge – all delivered in a plethora of harmonies and smooth tones that set her apart from many other artists. Influenced by classic Hip-Hop, Jazz and Soul music, Nialand puts her heart, her story, and her truth in her music to present a cool, unique blend that reaches all who hear it. Nialand is an artist who conveys that it’s not only alright but necessary to live in truth and honesty. In her words, she expresses personal healing, learning, and vulnerability to encourage others to express and embrace the same.

Nialand speaks on her current project as a contribution to ‘reflect the times’. “It’s centered around the pandemic in that I’m giving the world these songs that tell the story of 2020 and how it’s taking us to where we are now and challenging us to decide where we want to go. It’s how I dealt with it all as a creative – how I created or at times was unable to create. Sometimes hard circumstances can take us to a darker place, and sometimes the experience can evolve us and cause us to become better people.”

What’s most intriguing about this latest project is that, in addition to the music, Nialand directed and starred in a short film music visual that corresponds with the songs on the EP. So not only

will you be able to experience the project in sound, but you will also be able to see it play out on screen in a mini movie-like presentation.

“My music is always tied directly to my experiences. And I love creating visual expressions to bring life to the sound. With this new audiovisual EP, you can encounter the story in a holistic way.”

The debut single from the project, “WASTQT” comes across almost like a spoken word diatribe against all the things that happened in 2020 – from the pandemic, to race riots, to political upheaval, and more. The song and visual leave you wondering what happens next as “to be continued” rolls across the screen. And with over 7,500 Spotify Streams and over 11,500 YouTube views, clearly there is an anticipation stirring with listeners and viewers who are ready for more.

“It’s kind of like a personal check-in,” she said. “Have you processed this? How are you feeling?

I’m advocating that we give ourselves permission to take in all those thoughts and emotions that come with the times. It’s the first step in dealing with what we need to deal with internally before responding externally. It’s very introspective with a soulful feel and some lo-fi Hip Hop vibes. It’s really groovy with some heavy basslines and gives you something to chill to at home. And the rest of the EP evolves in sound, style, and lyrical content. It definitely has blends of R&B, grit, and some musical and lyrical surprises throughout.

Nialand said no matter what she’s working on, she’s always mixing Soul, Hip Hop and Jazz.

She wants to create moments of edginess or sensitivity or musical creativity. With the new EP,

she offers a vulnerable performance that is simply, “sincere”.

“I want my music to be known for its honesty,” she said. “I believe that we connect with music that relates to our own stories. There’s creativity around my music. I want to allow people the opportunity to step into something they can’t express or haven’t felt comfortable expressing.

This EP is a cool way to listen to good music while getting a strong lyrical and visual message that you can embrace and do something powerful within your own life.

The full audiovisual EP will be available in April 2021 as part of an online event, but the debut single is currently available across all streaming platforms. You can stay connected with Nialand online for all the updates on the official release.

For more information, visit:

Listen to the latest single, “WASTQT

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