South Carolina Recording Artist Twan Luv Drops Off Your Playlist Must-Haves

Now in days Indie Artists come a dime a dozen. Artist development is nearly non-existent in the era of social media, and lyrics and style have become repetitious and mundane. The ideal artist is multifaceted; a songwriter in addition to an entertainer with an intuitive ear.

Passion is all too common, but who really has that “IT” factor? It’s a true challenge for industry professionals. We know the full package is out there, but where do we start with a search seemingly similar to Where’s Waldo?

My search took a pit stop in South Carolina, and thankfully so. Influenced by the likes of Lil Wayne, Trey Songz, Drake, Jodeci and Nipsey Hussle, I would find Twan Luv. Versatile to say the least, this rapper, singer, songwriter combo did not disappoint. One listen and I was hooked as he delivered one melodic masterpiece after another. Get to know your future fav and stream your playlist must-haves below.

Thank me later.

HHW: First, we need you to introduce yourself to the readers who may not be familiar with Twan Luv. Tell us a little about you.

Twan: What’s up world. This your boy Twan Luv, Hip-Hop and R&B artist out of Conway, South Carolina.

HHW: When did you first fall in love with music, and how long have you been actively pursuing your dreams of becoming a music artist?

Twan: I first fell in love with music around the age of 4. I can always remember my grandad had a music room in his house with what felt like every instrument in the world. I didn’t start playing sports until I was 11 cause I was so into the music. I actually started taking it serious about 9 years ago. It was a very hard road and process learning to transform to an artist from a rapper.

HHW: What differentiates you from other artists?

Twan: I consider myself of different artists because of my style and my lyrical play. Like if Jodeci and Lil Wayne had a baby together. I would be what they produced as far as an artist. I love to cater to women and let my lyrics act as four play.

HHW: Are there any artists currently or before you that musically inspire you? If so, who and why?

Twan: Well as you can see Lil Wayne is the biggest music mentor that I’ve had. I enjoy listening to Nipsey, Trey Songz, Drake and afew others, but I will definitely have to go with Wayne.

HHW: What motivates Twan Luv in and out of the booth?

Twan: My motivations are my kids, my mom and my dad. He passed away before I decided to take this career serious. So it always eats at me that I’ve became so great at my craft and he’s not here in the physical realm to see it, but I want to make them proud.

HHW: What are three things about you that would shock the public?

Twan: One thing I feel is going to shock the world about me is my delivery, energy, and style. When someone 1st hear me I always get that “yooo who this? He nice!” “oh that’s me bro” I feel like I can compete with anyone that’s on major platforms. And I mean that from my core.  Another is that I write all my music; both Rap and R&B. I also feel they’re gonna be shocked when they match the face to the voice if you know what I mean (laughs). 

HHW: What do you feel you contribute to the culture as an artist?

Twan: As an artist for the culture, I feel like I can bring that sexy back for the ladies. It’s not too many passionate artist in the game right now. I feel like we overlook our women a lot as far as lifting them up. So I think I can get that part of our culture back.

HHW: How do you balance your career with your home life? Family?

Twan: Believe me it’s hard to do. As far being a father, a worker and provider, a lover, and friend, and a son! That’s a whole lot to bind together on top of being an artist, but my motto is “Show no sweat and go ALL IN,” so I make it look pretty easy.

HHW: What’s next for Twan Luv musically? 2020/2021 Goals.. lay ‘em out.

Twan: More bangers on top of bangers. Like I said “I have a dope catalog that can go against the best one’s out there. Expect EPs, features, awards; just expect the unexpected to be honest.

HHW: How can those looking to book you make contact?

Twan: If you’re looking for booking gigs and celebrations hit up my manager ”Big Dawg” Neal 

Stream your playlist must-haves below.

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