SNSG Releases New Single “All In The Streets” Ft. 049 Gus & Steven Jordan

SNSG is a rapper that hails from Royal Oaks, California and is changing the rap game. His passion for gaming has been intermingled with his music career and has opened up doors for new opportunities. With all that’s going on in the world with African Americans fighting for a change when it comes to police brutality and systematic racism, the gaming world has given people of all races the opportunity to game and network with each other from all over the world. SNSG has met some great people with different ethnicities and cultures along the way because of gaming. Games like ‘Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare and ‘Call Of Duty: Warzone’ have both featured a welcome screen that says Black Lives Matter with a special message underneath.

By being an avid gamer, SNSG has also been able to meet other artists and build relationships with them. He is a member of Big Ape Gaming owned by rapper Sada Baby. Some of the artists he met through gaming are featured on his current singles. 

His new single “All In The Streets” featuring 049 Gus and Steven Jordan is certainly one that you can vibe out to. If you ever had to hustle your way to accomplish your goals, this is the song for you. Check out SNSG’s new single “All In The Streets” featuring 049 Gus and Steven Jordan below, available now on all streaming platforms.

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