SNSG Releases Latest Single “Sophisticated” Feat. June Taylor

Manuel Alex Mendoza Cabanyog whom goes by the stage name SNSG is a rapper that was born on July 9, 1995. SNSG grew up in Porterville, California and was raised in Royal Oaks, California. SNSG is already changing the music game by combining his skill for gaming and his love for music to create opportunities for himself. 

Growing up SNSG was really inspired by music artists Doughboyz Cashout and Team Eastside from Detroit. His current favorite artists are A-Wax, Swainoh and Cash Kidd. He always kept in mind that he wanted to make music and be a rapper because he was inspired by their talent and looked up to them. He always thought about being an artist but never actually did it because he was worried about what people were going to think about him. When he started posting gaming content on social media, it opened the door for him to gain confidence.

SNSG started to pursue his music career in mid 2019. He saved up enough money to get a gaming PC to record himself playing and began posting recap gaming videos. He noticed that when he used artists music that he liked in his gaming videos, the viewers were more engaged.

This tactic opened doors for him to where he was able to talk to the artists and have them as friends. From just speaking with them and seeing the process of it, he started looking up beats and gave it a try.

One of the first artists song’s that he posted with his gaming content was A-Wax. He noticed the amazing feedback he received when using A-Wax’s song in that particular gaming video. A-Wax ended up seeing the video and followed him. That pivotal moment made SNSG think he was onto something.

He later recorded his first song with GMEBE Bandz who was an established artist from Chicago and also a close friend to A-Wax. He became very driven and wanted to work with all the people he grew up listening to. This strategy opened the door for him because of how he was creating his content through gaming. SNSG’s gaming content is available on Instagram, and his music is available on all music platforms. He is also a member of Big Ape Gaming owned by rapper Sada Baby. 

SNSG’s current singles include “Sleepless” featuring GMEBE Bandz from Chicago, “Went Up” featuring Swainoh and B Ryan, “Sophisticated” featuring June Taylor, and “Losing My Mind” featuring Castro Escobar. The single that has gained the most engagement is “Went Up” featuring Swainoh and B Ryan.

SNSG plans on releasing an album soon that is sure to impress his following and grow his fan base even more. His rare ability to blend his artistry with gaming is what makes him stand out from the rest. 

SNSG released his latest single “Sophisticated” featuring artist June Taylor is about having the finest clothes along with big bank! Check it out for yourself available on all streaming platforms and don’t forget to follow SNSG on Instagram @snsgcompany.

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