Snoop Dogg Launches #VoteWithSnoop Voter Registration Drive

Snoop Dogg is launching a voter registration drive called #VoteWithSnoop ahead of the November 3rd election. 

The West Coast rapper has teamed up with social justice initiatives that advocate for voting, such as 1VoteCloserRockTheVote, and OneOpp. Together, this collaboration is launching an online voter registration drive that will last until election day.

“I’m Voting to End Police Brutality. Join me and register to vote today!” the legend tweeted along with a black and white poster of the artist below type reading “I’M VOTING.”

Snoop is stepping in as a political newcomer whose found motivation to vote concurs with a controversial election. 

“This is gonna be the first election I am voting in,” the artist conceded in a press release. “How the system is set up, I honestly didn’t know that I was allowed to vote based on my history. My record has been expunged, so I’m going to be out there this election. I have to get involved.”

The ‘Gin N Juice’ rapper felt an urge to vote and become active in politics.

“As I’m looking around at what is happening in the world right now, I know that we need to make an immediate change, and we can’t sit back idle… I’m going to use my voice and Influence to let people know that the only option is to get out and vote.”

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