Smokepurpp “No Problem” Hits the Web Featuring a Pre-Christian Rap Kanye, Leaving Fans Wanting That Old Thing Back

An unexpected Smokepurpp track has hit the web and it features a surprising feature from hip-hop turned gospel rapper Kanye West.

The track, titled “No Problem” is the latest and likely final mash-up between the two Chicago rappers. They have previously teamed up for “I Love It”, which Smokepurpp helped to write for Ye and Lil Pump back in 2018. 

The record was likely record pre-spiritual awakened Kanye, where the Sunday Service founder raps on the chorus, “I can get this sh*t, no problem / Even Batman needed Robin / Even Jordan needed Rodman.”

While, it’s a beautiful thing that the 42-year-old, who has been vocal about his struggles with pill abuse and mental illness, found peace with religion, one cannot help but to miss those now vintage Ye bars, especially when we are reminded of the arrogance and quick wit that drew us to Kanye nearly two decades ago.

Are you feeling the Smokepurpp and Kanye collab? Check it out below.

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