Sleazy Edd Releases New Track ‘Move Ya Body’

Sleazy Edd is a Hip Hop artist and upcoming fashion icon with a unique sound and strong identity. Most recently, he has released a single from his new album Overseas Luxury. The track titled “Move Ya Body,” has an electric feel to it and showcases Edd’s talent as a musician.

Edd has always been good with music. Growing up, he always had the ear for what to play to get everyone on their feet. “I could always tell when a song was going to be really good, so I wanted to try my hand at making a song of my own.” What was truly the final push for Edd was seeing his first live concert. “About two years ago I went to my first concert, it was a rapper named Smokepurpp. It was just constantly lit. The whole time it was turnt up. That was when I decided to get on that side of it. That’s really what pushed me to get into making music.”

Not long after he began making music, Edd began to cultivate his sound. “My style is really chill and vibrant at the same time. It has an upscale type of beat but is also really vibey. It is really a mix between the two. I like to create a very different vibe.”

Edd’s vibe is truly his own. His track “Move Ya Body” is an amazing example of the talent he has, both through his vocals and beat mixing. For this track particularly, Edd was able to have a lot of fun with creating the beat and mixing the project. “My favorite part was making the beat. This song is really fun. It is the kind of song you hear at a party or a concert.”

When it comes to his fans listening to this song, Edd hopes that they can hear it and just let loose. “You don’t even have to know what song it is. When this song comes on, you know it’s time to turn up.” This track is a fun and easy-to-get-into piece that anyone can enjoy.

Aside from “Move Ya Body,” Edd hopes to continue to further his career and share his music with others. He has plans of furthering himself with new music videos and the promotion of his clothing line under the name of Overseas. He is truly an artist to keep an eye out for.

Be sure to check out Sleazy Edd through the links listed below.

“Overseas Luxury”

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