Shyne Grady Released Record Titled “Letter 2 Lucci” A Track Addressing His Friendship With YFN Lucci⁣

For many, Shyne Grady is an unfamiliar name in hip-hop. But in 2016, the Atlanta native hooked up with another ATL native, YFN Lucci, and from there, Grady and Lucci would establish a friendship, with Grady becoming Lucci cameraman, that is until Grady was hit with a three-year prison bid after being convicted of gun charges.⁣

While incarcerated and still in close communication with Lucci, Grady began crafting his rapping technique to introduce himself to the hip-hop culture properly. With the burning desire to carve his name into the rap game upon his release, Grady tells Hot New Hip-Hop that Lucci was in full support of his newfound aspiration. ⁣

“It seems real genuine, so of course I expected certain shit to happen. Hell, I even wrote a song for me just to pay respect and homage considering the fact he did change my life at the moment,” Grady recalls. “Lucci was still active wit me throughout my bid, I can honestly say, but I never told em I was writing. I was waiting to get home and present it to him.”⁣

But when Grady returned home, he found himself doing more writing for Lucci, then hopping in the booth and spitting his lyrics. “It was a lot of stagnation,” Grady says. “I ended up finding myself not recording and giving out bars to the point I realized like man this nigga bullshittin.”⁣

“I’m passionate about my dreams. If I say I’m with you, I’m with you. But the energy I collected from the situation didn’t sit well with me,” Grady continued. “I always knew I could be anything, but some niggas only want you to be, and I ain’t fuckin wit that.”⁣

Even with what Grady calls a “stagnant situation” with Lucci, Grady released a heartfelt track titled, “Letter 2 Lucci.” On the track Grady spitz, “Yo, Lucci, I wrote a letter/ Took a lotta thinking and confidence just to tell you that I’m rapping now/ And I really want you to hear it/ Kinda nervous, thinking you’ll tell me Focus on filming.”⁣

Shyne Grady debut album, “Bittersweet,” is streaming on all major platforms and features 9 tracks, including “Letter 2 Lucci.”

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