Shiro’s New Music Video Launches New Wave Of Praise Music Listeners Can Groove To

Delivering unique music styles by bridging the gap between audiences is something Shiro excels at. Working with A Lighter Shade of Brown, she was the bridge between Latino music and R&B. Now, Shiro is the bridge between Gospel music and the youth. Her new musical approach combined with reality points from her life, are brilliantly illustrated in Shiro’s new music video for “Let’s Get It.”

While typical urban music glorifies material gain by any means, “Let’s Get It” reminds listeners to hustle but in the right way because stealing and cheating can’t buy you the key to heaven. The awesome reaction to the new video has resulted in thousands of views since its release just two weeks ago.

The song, “Let’s Get It” started with a Trap/R&B/Rap track by Multiplatinum, Grammy Award winning producer, Yonni (Trey Songz, Missy Elliott, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, and more). Wanting to approach the music industry in a new and exciting way, Shiro and her team created the concept of Go Up Music, described by the artist as “Gospel Optional Urban Praise music.” This danceable option to old style gospel hymns is proving to be highly relatable to young adult listeners everywhere.

The video, which was released on October 11,2019 has amassed over ten thousand views in the first two weeks. Beforehand, video edits of behind-the-scenes footage were dropped to hype its release. A visually rich piece featuring unexpected elements to give a raw and real feel, the video was shot inside and on top of an industrial building, inside a studio, in the street, and in a strip club with real strippers.

Life struggles related to her own story were intentionally placed into the new video. At a time when she felt broken and hurt, Shiro allowed herself to be talked into stripping by a friend who knew she had been in the entertainment business. Feeling nervous and out of place, Shiro experienced something extremely uncomfortable on her second day stripping. She said “I ended up stripping for this guy that asked me to strip for him and he gave me $600. I remember this like it was yesterday. And I just said to myself ‘I can’t do this. It’s too much.’” She gave the money to a single mom and never looked back.

Although she has nothing against people who decide to become strippers, she knew the job was not for her. But the experience allowed her to see how vulnerable we can be in our weakest moments. “If you take that vulnerability and surround yourself with people who really want better for you, and you realize that you want better for yourself, you can pull yourself through it,” Shiro said. “There’s always a better way.”

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Shiro is a positive and focused artist. Beginning her music career at a very young age, Shiro is best known for her singing on A Lighter Shade of Brown’s smash hit songs “On A Sunday Afternoon” and “Latin Active.” An artist who has recorded and toured extensively, Shiro has worked with Dr. Dre, Seal, Tupac, DJ Quik, Brandy, MC Lyte and many others. Her experience has taught her to stay ready for anything, be it recording, writing or performing. “It has seasoned me to be as prepared as I can possibly be for any given circumstance that may come my way,” Shiro said, “because I may not get a second chance.”

She is also a female recording artist with the skin condition called vitiligo brought to prominence by Michael Jackson and the model, Winnie Harlow. Although Shiro has had vitiligo all her life, she has never let it stop her, and stays determined to pursue her dreams. “No matter how many “NO”s you get – for every five “NO”s there is that one “YES” that may change your life forever. Don’t ever give up on your dream,” Shiro asserted. “Once you make it, you can use that struggle to catapult you to the next level of where you need to be, if you just don’t give up.”

Shiro has absolutely no plans of giving up! Her music is a new gospel style, but not preachy. It is a sound that is fresh and out of the box that anyone can party and dance to. Undeniably, listeners will take notice of the message and enjoy the way it’s being delivered if they give this music a chance. As Shiro puts it, “It is gonna be a new wave and style of music, so you might as well just receive it now!”

To listen to Shiro’s music, or follow her on social media, please visit:

Instagram: @shirotheoriginal | Facebook: Shi-Star Music| Twitter: @shirothe1 | YouTube: The ShiStar | Soundcloud: Shiro

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