Serena Williams Says She’s ‘Underpaid And Undervalued’ As A Black Female Tennis Player

Serena Willams said she has been “underpaid and undervalued” as a Black woman in tennis.

Serena also applauds the Black Lives Matter Movement for shining a light on racism, according to comments published by British Vogue magazine. As a tennis player, Serena Williams won 23 Grand Slam titles and spoke out against injustices about sexism and racism throughout her career. 

Williams said that technology plays a crucial role in highlighting racial discrimination and violence.  Now, we as black people have a voice- and technology has been a massive part of that,” she said in the interview. “We see things that have been hidden for years, the things that we as people have to go through. This has been happening for years. People just couldn’t pull out their phones and video it before.” 

She also adds, “I was like: well, you didn’t see any of this before? I’ve been talking about this my whole career. It’s been one thing after another.”

Compared to her male counterparts, Williams doesn’t receive what she deserves in the role she plays as an influential tennis player being a black woman. Along with that, Williams wouldn’t want it any other way than that. “I like who I am, I like how I look, and I love representing the beautiful dark women out there. For me, it’s perfect. I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

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