See Why The South Dakota Network Is One Of The Best & Fastest Growing Basketball Programs In The Nation

South Dakota Network was founded by Sean Ladd and Kasib Powell in 2012. Two guys that grew up in NJ never knowing each other then but their paths both leading them to South Dakota. They became friends and decided to build a program together. Their vision was to create the the best developmental basketball program is the state of South Dakota. Later that year Greg Shoultz joined the team. 

In 2012 they began training, and coaching youth basketball in Sioux Falls, SD and neighboring towns. Both Kasib and Sean bring different talents, and techniques to the game of basketball and have a strong passion for coaching. Together they have a combined 40 plus years of coaching experience. 

SD Network started with 3 teams and now  coaches over 500 kids, 22 AAU teams and 15 fall/winter traveling teams. 

In the last three years, their players have received over 100 scholarship offers. These two guys built this business from the ground up. From renting out to gyms to now having their own. They compete against huge health organizations that have tons of $$$ to fund AAU teams in the region and between the two of them and their amazing coaching staff they have built an organization from nothing. 

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