Santyna Celebrates Personal Transformation With New Single ‘Ecdysis’

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TORONTO, CANADA – As a snake grows, it must shed its skin to make room for changes. This process is called Ecdysis. For Toronto-based artist Santyna, the metaphor of this process aligns perfectly with her life, and it’s for this reason that she embraced the idea of transformation on her new single “Ecdysis.”

Over the past year, Santyna has seen her music rise to increasingly new heights. With the release of her EP “VENIN” in 2019, including the breakout single “FREE style”, this young artist has been steadily making a name for herself across the music industry. But her music isn’t just about making money and gaining success. It’s also about rising from the struggles of life and using music as a therapeutic salve for old wounds and past traumas.

Santyna suffers from treatment resistant anxiety, panic disorder, and persistent major depression and has had periods of her life during which she couldn’t leave her house for months at a time because of how deeply she was struggling with her mental illnesses. But proactive steps over the years have helped her come to a healthy place in her life, and music has been a driving force throughout much of that journey. She hopes that the music she creates

can become a similar salvation for others who struggle with mental illnesses and traumas. She especially loves to see the power of her music on full display when she’s performing live.

“When I see people responding to my music, it makes me feel like I’m not alone,” Santyna said. “When I’m performing and people are feeling my music – when they’re swaying or I can see that they’re just really listening to what I’m singing about – that’s the most rewarding thing. This world can be a really lonely place. With all of the social media we have today, people feel more alone than ever. My music makes me feel connected to the rest of the world. Mind you, that’s not to say I don’t enjoy social media at all. I love it when I get direct messages from my fans. I respond to every single DM with my whole heart. I love getting that support and I love replying back. It helps perpetuate that feeling of knowing that you’re not alone.”

It’s been quite a journey to get to that point for this young artist, and that transformation takes center stage with her new single. Put simply, it’s a song about growth. At the beginning of the song, Santyna reflects how she felt in a past relationship that left her broken. In the first verse of Ecdysis, her lyrics state “If you leave I’ll fade away”. This transforms over the duration of the song to “If you leave I’ll die today” and finally, “If you leave I’ll be okay.”

“This song lets my fans know that when they’re in a tough situation – whether it’s a breakup or any kind of loss or struggle – whatever it is you’re struggling with, it would be a shame to not utilize music in your healing process. This single has a chill vibe and is very R&B. People seem to be loving it!”

Santyna said she’s already working on another project that she hopes to release in 2020, including a new single that should drop in the next couple of months. She’s also working on booking more shows for the year specifically in Toronto, New York and Los Angeles.

To listen to Santyna’s music or to follow her son social media, please visit:

Instagram: @santynamusic

Facebook: @santynamusic


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