Santa Sallet – From Rags To Riches, From Broke-Ass To Bossed-Up – Plutography Is The Anthem

Make no mistake homies – success doesn’t just happen overnight. It takes work in the trenches of the underground…it takes dedication to the craft and the sheer will to out-hustle the rest…it takes skill, pure finesse, and authentic swagger that undeniably reveals the X-factor in ways that set you completely apart.

It takes serious cojones to survive & thrive in the modern day music business – and Washington-based producer/artist Santa Sallet slings a huge pair unlike any other. Armed with true grit, wild attitude, and the artistic integrity it takes to spit exactly what he wants to say, exactly how he wants to say it – Santa sets the gold standard in high-quality rhymes. Detailing his own personal journey from rock bottom to the pinnacle of the penthouse suites, Sallet’s taking over the scene with the blueprint on how to live life RIGHT – his new mixtape is the first installment towards your own success, so pay attention & listen UP.

Plutography is all about the love of MORE – and every cut you’ll find on it represents the all-out extra lifestyle that comes along in tandem with genuine financial freedom. Not fake chains & candy-corn bling – REAL success, massive stacks, and dreams being turned into daily reality – that’s what Santa Sallet is all about, 24/7. Crushing the corporate world in behind the scenes just as hard as he hits the studio, the man doesn’t just talk about it – he IS about it – ALL of it – and if there’s MORE, consider that HIS as well!

That includes the top spot on your playlist & on music-charts all around the globe as he takes over 2021. Riding hot on the momentum, love, and support flowing in from every corner of the map listening to his four lead-singles from Plutography released last year – Santa set the stage to surge forward through this year with his signature style of hybrid Trap/Rap/R&B/Soul/Hip-Hop. Out and available as the gateway into Plutography, singles “Doing It Well,” “5G,” “Championship Ring,” “Just Another Tuesday,” and his most recent “Fuck With Me” have already proven time & again that Santa Sallet doesn’t just make any kind of small impression – he makes a massive impact with every cut and shakes the fuckin’ walls 100%.

A mogul by every conceivable definition, Sallet is ready to stock your speakers with everything they need this year. With new albums, mixtapes, and videos on schedule to be released all throughout 2021, it’ll be easier to list the few places left that you won’t find Santa at by the time he’s finished dominating the year. Set to bring his larger-than-life personality, intense charisma, bulletproof hooks, and explicit AF bars out of the trenches & inject them viciously into the mainstream with zero fucks given & no remorse – Santa Sallet is breaking into the big time & there’s absolutely nothing that can stop his star from rising. Join the man as he revitalizes the music-scene with an unfiltered dose of what’s REAL & creates a legion of ride-or-die fans in the process – Plutography is coming to 2021 – and no matter how ready you think you are – y’aint. As next-level as it gets, Santa Sallet is the mood, the moment, and the future all in one.

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