Sammy Saucelito Drops New EP ‘Lyribatics’

Bronx, NY native Sammy Saucelito, better known as “Solly, has had musical aspirations since a youth. Finding his calling while still in grade school, he set his sights on being the youngest rapper ever. The mission began to further take shape when he showcased a solid grasp of the English language by having a reading and comprehension level of college sophomore while still in the 8th grade. In 2010, at 16, Sammy’s goals began to come to fruition as he released his first project, Straight Outta Da Bronx

Seeing the process firsthand, Sammy took a two-year hiatus from music in order to hone his craft and more importantly, learn the logistics of the music business. He finally resurfaced in 2018 with his well-received EP, 21 Daze, which was mixed and mastered by Vett. It was on this project that Sammy displayed his newly acquired high energy irreverent rap style and lyrical acrobatics. This led to Vett broaching the idea of possibly collaborating on a joint project 

Fast forward to 2020 and that idea has arrived in the form of Lyribatics. Produced entirely by Vett, the 8-track EP finds the duo improving on the chemistry that made their previous collaborations so special. Laced with an onslaught of 808’s & high hats matched with Sammy’s signature lyrical gymnastics, this one is sure to be a fan favorite.

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