Sam Least’s Feel-Good Fusion Satisfies Mainstream Craving For Music That Is Different

– As a musician who began his music journey playing the drums, timing is everything for Sam Least. Right at the time when listeners wanted to hear more R&B music, the artist released his well received single, “Sorry.” Characterized by a thick R&B vibe, the single was intentionally released on Valentine’s Day to serve as an anthem for the fellas. Sam said “It would be a nice little Valentine – upbeat, but still showing emotion and empathy in the season of Valentine’s.” It is a song that’s relevant to both men and women in relationships where the guy may not have done right by his woman.

Sam Least (born Samuel Florexil), whose style is a Pop, Hip Hop, R&B type of Soul fusion, was working In a friend’s home studio with a buddy when they started playing different tracks. “The track came on and immediately, words just started to flow,” Sam said. For this artist who likes singing it and saying it in a different way, a track dictates the song content. On his buddy’s advice, he recorded the song right away, and from there started putting words together to paint the picture for “Sorry.”

Not unlike single releases, songwriting also has a lot to do with timing. Sam’s background as a drummer helps him with the timing in his pieces and enables him to use different time signatures in his songwriting. Sam is able to speed it up, slow it down, cut time and expertly bring it home to end up on the right beat.

“Sorry” follows hot on the heels of his previous single “Postmaster” which gained traction with a wide audience across the country. While “Sorry” sports a heavy R&B feel with more emotion and an uptempo beat, “Postmaster” was more Hip Hop with a cool, feel-good sensation.

Originally from West Palm Beach, Florida, Sam Least always had a great passion for music.

He started out drumming on anything that would make a sound when he was a child, and later his talents drew attention while he performed at weddings, lead worship and directed choirs. Growing up, some of his greatest musical influences came from artists who deftly combined genres, like Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake and Donny Hathaway.

Sam also studied the art of music and sing-along. Coming from the Southeast, he’s been exposed to jazzy, authentic soul music infused with Southern hospitality all of his life, and this shines through in his music. Music is full of soul in the South, and as Sam put it, “When it’s all said and done, we just have a little more soul!”

Sam is eager for people to hear his next project. “Time,” a pop fusion track, promises feel good music with a beat that listeners will gravitate towards. Sam and his team have planned the new song release for late Spring or early Summer. Also in the works is a music video for “Sorry” which is slated to drop at the end of March. Another music video should follow the next single shortly, since Sam already has the idea for the visual element for his single, “Time”.

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