Safaree Drops “B.A.D” Remix To Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallions “W.A.P”

Mr. freak a leak himself Safaree thought it was time to respond to Cardi B’s and Megan Thee Stallion’s W.A.P record with a remix. A couple days after the song dropped, he put out his own version titled B.A.D that stands for (Big Ass D**k). 

He makes references to his internet breaking photo that was leaked some time ago revealing a pretty huge asset of his. “I done broke the internet with this big ass d**k / Slap you right across your face with this big ass d**k,” raps Safaree. “When you stick it in your throat, you never scary / You be screamin’ screamin’ like Mariah Carey.”

Cardi heard the raunchy remix and was quite impressed. She tweeted the Love and Hip Hop star and said that he was too naughty. With most male rappers giving the two ladies a hard time about the record, it’s dope to see a male embrace them and put out his version.  

Listen to “B.A.D” (Big Ass D**k) below.

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