Rick Ross and Tory Lanez Beef Over Release of New Album ‘Daystar’

Tory Lanez seems to be ending up on everyones hit list these days for his poor choices he’s been making over the past several months. He first raised some red flags back in July when he took part in the shooting of Houston rapper Megan Thee Stallion and then denied it. Now, he’s struck a major nerve with entrepreneur and rapper Rick Ross. Earlier this week, the two took to social media to settle their beef with one another following the release of Tory’s latest album ‘Daystar.’ The albums first song is titled “Money Over Fallouts” which Daystar which is the rappers real name denies claims that he shot Megan Thee Stallion in the foot back in July in Los Angeles in the Hollywood Hills. Check this verse below from the song.

“Gotta see a couple questions: how the f–k you get shot in your foot, don’t hit no bones or tendons? Megan people tryna frame me for a shootin’ … Knowin’ I ain’t do it but I’m comin’ at my truest.”

Ross heard about the album and wasn’t happy about that or that it was released one day after the hearing of Breonna Taylor and finding out that no charges were made against the Louisville police that took the young woman’s life. Rozay made sure to let his voice be heard and not stay silent.

“Tory Lanez, poor decision brother,” Ross said on his Instagram Stories. “Dropping that project… Just outta respect for Breonna Taylor, bruh, we gotta respect these sisters. That ain’t how you address the accusations you facing. That was a poor choice, homie. You ain’t getting no money with that shit.”

Lanez responded to Ross with this tweet.

Ross once again took to his Instagram stories to let Lanez know he’s no joke.

“First off, lil boy, I appreciate how you responded swiftly to Rozay, but that’s how you should’ve did the sister that accused you of shooting,” the rapper said. “That’s what you owed her family, that’s what you owed all the Black women in America.”

He also mentioned how Lanez wasn’t present during any of Breonna Taylor’s protest in Miami.

“But more importantly, let’s get to you protesting,” Ross said. “You ain’t protest in Miami, the only reason you was out there was cause the condo that you stayed in $1,500 a month and the dam protest was coming right down there, so you went down there and took a photo opp… Poor decisions is putting together an album and trying to profit off some shit that people like myself was wishing to hear you address this shit and move on. Not get a wax on or a wack album that’s ain’t gonna get you no money, nor no new supporters. So lil boy, boss up.”

Hopefully Tory Lanez has learned his many lesson(s) of the year and will do more thinking before he acts on anything that could potentially harm others or his career.

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