Rice Teams Up With J Muzique & Others For HHW Debut “Round It Up”

Worcester rapper, Rice is making his way up with his new record ‘Round
It Up’, a single featuring off of his up coming EP “Riding with
Blindfolds.”    Rice teamed up with Worcester natives J Muzique,
Psykasolar & Majesty to deliver his message.   Without sugar coating
their agenda these four discuss their journey up the ladder as a
struggling artists. Rice call’s “Riding With Blindfolds” a ‘struggling
artists memoir,’ expected for release July 4th, 2020.

Rice has been making his name on the music scene from his showcases,
before the COVID-19 epidemic he was providing a consistent platform for
other artist to rely on. Given the recent state of the country Rice is
finding a way to keep his music light and uplifting giving the world
hope that these times are just temporary.

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