‘Rhythms & Heartbreaks’ EP From Afrobeat Artist Abblaze Brings Perfect Balance Of Fun And Mellow Vibes

NEWARK, NJ – Self dubbed as a “mouthpiece for Africans and Americans,” Abideen “Abblaze” Omisola is a young new artist whose music is bridging different sounds and genres in ways that are connecting with fans all over the world. His newest EP, “Rhythms & Heartbreaks” is the perfect example of his unique style of music. From traditional Afrobeats to more grounded club tracks and even mellow R&B sounds, this EP presents the perfect balance of good times and bad.

“It’s about the good and bad in life, the heartbreaks and the times of fun,” Abblaze said. “There are conscious songs on there because sometimes you have to work hard before you can do any kind of fun or playing around, but there are also some very fun songs. There are songs where I’m making myself known to the industry and announcing myself, and there are songs for my stoner friends. And of course most of the songs are encouraging people to pursue a better life. Whatever you need to do to spark better things in your life, then do it.”

Abblaze said he pulled much of the material on the EP from past experiences in his life. Like many other Afrobeat artists today, Abblaze finds his roots in his native Nigeria where he lived for many years. But unlike most of those Afrobeat artists, Abblaze has a distinct “American” vibe to his music. That’s because he moved back to the States from Africa and has lived deep in the American culture. He said it’s that combination of experience in Africa and experience in America that makes his music truly unique.

“Afrobeats has been big and will always be big. But if you look at the top guys in that lane right now, they’re not really based in America,” Abblaze said. “Even the biggest names out there right now grew up in Nigeria like me, but I’m back and I’ve been here in the U.S. since 2004. I have the best of both worlds. I speak the language of both sides. I went to college in the U.S. and I know the culture here and because of these things, I really believe I’m the mouthpiece the world needs to bring those two things together. I have the total package to explain Afrobeats and bring that sound, and I have the experience to bring that groovy, up-tempo American way. I just want my sound to be a household sound in America, and eventually all around the world.”

Abblaze said he spent the better part of a month putting together the nine songs that are on the EP, and almost the entire project was done by himself. From lyric writing and singing, to production and composition, all of the songs have his distinct mark. He worked with his longtime colleague and engineer named Abbey to put the finishing mixing and mastering to the project, and then dropped the EP in early 2020.

The first single from the EP, “High Life,” was met with high praise from fans and critics alike and has helped to propel him onto a larger stage. Then on January 20, he dropped “Number One,” an R&B single that puts women on a pedestal and explores the feelings that come with finding that special someone. He also dropped a music video for the song on Valentine’s Day, and in the days and weeks since, fans have been putting the song on repeat.

Abblaze said he’s anxious for people to hear the rest of the EP and is eager for other singles like “Get On Down” and “No Lie” to connect with an ever-widening audience.

“This is a project that has up-tempo music for you to have fun in the club and music for the bad moments that come in life and you have to deal with,” he said. “It’s a balance. It’s the highlight of my art. And it shows off how versatile I am because of my background and the way I grew up. I really think people are going to love it.”

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