Red Giant Project Brings Love And a New Perspective With Their New Self Titled Album

Red Giant Project is a group of artists headed by Matthew Burke and Matt Madonna. Burke and Madonna have cultivated a project that created a dynamic and beautiful album.

Burke described how he got into the project as well as how his music career took off. “I was a high school English teacher, teaching a book called The Alchemist to kids. I was writing songs at the time and I got a song in a movie. All my kids were like ‘You need to follow your personal legend’ which is a very big theme in the book. So I started my career and started touring. While I was on tour, I met Matt Madonna. He was an Electronic Music Producer, and I was doing more Hip Hop. He and I started getting together with the intention of writing some experimental, kind of alternative sound design but still soulful. Then I was able to wrestle in all these musicians I’ve worked with over a long period of time and we started putting together some really cool things.”

Red Giant Project has an interesting sound that can truly be described as experimental. “There’s really nothing like it that I’ve heard that’s like the music we’re putting out. Red Giant Project is the combination between Bon Iver and SAINt JHN. It’s experimental.”

The Album digs into all ends of their sound, with a range of styles and variations as you move through the tracks. “It’s got a lot of different sounds to it. The project just keeps evolving, where at first it was more Jazz and Soul, Down-tempo and Lofi and towards the middle and end of the album, you can hear it getting a little more bass and sound design influence.”

“When I began writing the lyrics to the first couple songs, I decided I wanted to change things up from how I would write, coming from a Hip Hop background. I wanted to write from a different perspective as a parent. I started thinking about love in a different way. How can I write these songs, where they could also be to my kids? The intention behind the vocals was to be a lot less self-involved and a lot more about our values. Everybody in the project is a parent, so we’ve all experienced both sides of the coin, where we all know what it’s like to be a musician with success, and now we also know what it’s like to live for a more selfless type of purpose.”

Alongside Burke and Madonna are a collection of skilled collaborators. Shane Hall, Karl Denson, Tah Re, Tre Aces and John Avery all made significant contributions helping to create a beautiful and inspiring album. Burke and Madonna believe that this project would not be what it is today without the help of these incredible musicians.

Red Giant Project has much more to come as they continue to forge a new path in music and create beautiful and intentional works of art. They have already begun working on their next two albums and are excited to share their experiences and art with their audience and the rest of the world. With the hopeful end of the COVID-19 pandemic, they are also ready to get back into the festival scene as well as many other performances and tours.

Check out Red Giant Project’s music as well as their social media via the links listed below.

“Wait It Out ft. Karl Denson”

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