Rapper Lil Baby Slams His Son Mother In Court for Full Primary Custody

Lil Baby and the mother of his 5-year-old son Ayesha Howard have been going back and fourth on Instagram for a few weeks now . It seems as though rapper Lil Baby has had with the social media squabbles, they’ve now taken it to court.

Ayesha Howard has accused Lil Baby of failing to pay for their son Jason’s schooling, which she says resulted in the boy being kicked out. Rapper then chime back and said he no longer wanted Jason at that particular school due to pandemic. They also went back and fourth over Lil Baby promising Ayesha a new car. 

According to TMZ, Ayesha filed for child support from Lil Baby, claiming he has a net worth in excess of $4 million, money he makes on various endorsement deals, owns at least 7 luxury vehicles, and including 2, million-dollar Lamborghinis. Ayesha told the court she claims she only makes less than $25k per year.

The rapper fired back with his on motion asking the judge for joint legal custody of their son and seeking primary physical custody. He claims he already covers “all expenses for the “care, support and maintenance” of their son, along with providing regular support payments.

Ayesha claims Lil Baby has never sought primary custody before, and believe this is another way for the rapper to punish, harass, and intimidate her.

A judge has yet to rule on Baby’s request but hopefully both parties can come to a common ground.

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