Rapper Euro Bands Drops “Freddy” Single Amidst Having COVID

"Rapper Euro Bands Freddy Single"

Rising rapper Euro Bands has done it again. Coming off of his latest single, “Freddy,” is the spirit of the “Bandman Movement,” and Euro Bands spits out lyrical power in his latest video. What makes this release so unique is that he created it while battling COVID, after catching it at a party, even though he was “asymptotic” states Euro Bands. Thankfully he recovered quickly just to get back to what he loves doing the most, which is making music.

An ode to Freddy Krueger, Euro Bands shows us his musical versatility. Like Freddy, who is almost invulnerable to real-world life, Euro is stuck in a dream. Lyrically fluid, the serial beat is mesmerizing, and the creepy draws us into the immaculate world merely to explain those typical human vulnerabilities that can be destroyed in our dreams. Only to wake-up from a vivid dream, Euro Bands sees the evidence of his inner demons; marks on his lovers. His raw honesty and desire to be different are two things that separates him from the other rising artists. He is an emcee you want to keep a close eye on in the upcoming year.

If you love good music you will definitely come to appreciate the musical styles of Euro Bands. Be sure to click here to stream Euro Bands new “Freddy“. To learn more about Bands hit up @Averymsartistry.

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