Rapper AR-Ab Forced To Live In Unlivable Conditions While In Prison

Philly rapper Abdul Ibrahim West aka “AR-Ab” is reportedly living in poor conditions while awaiting a sentence in federal prison. The rapper who is known for his hard core and ruthless lyrics is currently being forced to endure physical pain beyond belief. A source close to the OBH member was informed that he has a laceration on his head that is opening and beginning to get infected from having an open wound. He also has open sores all over his body accompanied by pus and bleeding, swollen legs, uncontrollably shaking, skin darkening and hasn’t urinated in over a week. In addition to that, the guards in the prison has him in solitary confinement with no access to medical attention what so ever. Fortunately AR has a few inmates that are willing to look after him by changing his sheets due to the massive amounts of blood loss and helping him walk.

Poerilla who too is a rapper himself and supporter of AR-Ab, posted about the inhumane manner in which the Philly artist is being treated. He even went as far as calling out Philly rappers such as former Philadelphian Meek Mill, who is responsible for a huge role in the Criminal Justice Reform. Poerilla didn’t hold anything back as he went in on any and everyone who is standing up for this insanity.

AR-Ab has been mistreated for quite a while and is showing signs of kidney failure. If he continues to be ill-treated the rapper could sadly be in a devastating fight for his life. People all over are pulling together and reposting the horrific activity that is taking place so that the Governor of Pennsylvania Tom Wolf can not only aid the ill inmate for immediate medical relief, but punish the staff that is behind it all. Ab has been in prison since November of 2019 for drug activity taking place in North Philly. He was set be sentenced this past May but was detained due to the global pandemic COVID-19.

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