Raleigh, North Carolina Artist REG Talks His Recent Projects & Who He Is As An Artist.

By Redd Roxx

REG is an artist hailing out of Raleigh, North Carolina who says his music is completely unique and doesn’t sound like anyone else and his listeners agree. Starting out as many artists do with writing poetry, he taught himself everything there was to know about creating music and got right to it, releasing several EPs, singles and now he’s currently working on a project. Our host Radio ReddRoxx caught up with REG to talk about his recent projects and who he is as an artist.  

ReddRoxx: Thank you very much for sitting down with me, please introduce yourself to the readers.

REG: My name is REG. I am from Raleigh, NC. Shout out to the 919. I am also a Sierra Leone descendent. 

RR: Dope! I’ve visited NC several times, never Sierra Leone though lol Talk about your upbringing in NC and how it’s impacted your music

R: I had a good upbringing. It was all about hard work and passion growing up and every experience and word coming out of my mouth just know that I wrote it.  

RR: Cool. Please describe your music in 3 words 

R: It’s Own Creation

RR: Describe yourself as an artist in 3 words  

R: “ReadyFor Whatever”

RR: Ok thank you! Talk about your latest single, how’d you come up with the concept?  

R: Mylatest single is called “Somebody’s Doing Your Job”. The song was based on a story about how my friend was cheated on to be real. And his pride got hurt because she was basically a gold digger.

RR: That’s deep! How do you feel it’s being received?  

R: Sofar people have been liking it but people also confused by the message to be honest.

RR: I can see how it can be a bit confusing, seeing as though it’s your friend’s experience you’re talking about. Your latest EP is entitled “Captivated Murder” which may also confuse some, please explain the title and what the tone of the EP is 

R: “Captivated Murderer” represents the destruction of the good time in the atmosphere today.  With everything we are going through such as the Pandemic, riots, politics….people have their own agenda to what they call “good” or “bad” intentions.

RR: Ok, that’s pretty straight forward. You definitely have a unique sound so I’m curious to know who your biggest musical influences are?  

R: So many… Rakim, KRS-One, 2Pac, Michael Jackson, Prince, The Doors, The Notorious B.I.G, Ice Cube, Miles Davis.. Just to name a few.

RR: Those are all great influences! So with that being said, what’s your dream collaboration 

R: If I was to work with any artist definitely would be Anderson Paak. Huge fan of the Malibu album.”

RR: Great choice! You have some pretty dope lineage, please elaborate 

R: Both of my parents were born and raised in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

RR: Amazing. Definitely on my places to visit. So are you working on another body of work currently?  

R: All I’m going to say is the best is yet to come.

RR: Ok! Can you let us know what what can we expect?  “

R: Greatness

RR: I see, you want to give an element of surprise, I can respect that! In the meantime, who’s REG outside of the music? 

R: I can be very complicated and laid-back when in my element.

RR: Dope. Before we wrap up, let us know where can we stream your music and follow you on social media?  

R: My music is available on all streaming services including

 Follow me at instagram.com/mcregmusic and Twitter.com/realreg1. 

RR: Bet. Leave the readers with a word…

R: Always work hard and don’t let nobody stop you.

Be sure to follow and support REG on his musical journey. If you’d like an interview with Radio ReddRoxx, email 


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