QüeDavinciYO Drops Off Visuals For “YE$ i DO”

If you’ve been in the loop, you should know that QüeDavinciYO is one of dopest new artists coming up. Straight out of the Bronx, where hiphop started from. QüeDavinciYO continues the tradition of real rap and hiphop with his music and his own business 4enoyreve.

Innovated and a pioneer with many different slangs, styles, and music flows it’s hard not to like QüeDavinciYO. He’s got wits, charm, good looks, and much more; instant combination of a superstar in the making.

Stay tuned to QüeDavinciYO on social media because new music is on it’s way and he’ll be performing in your city real soon.

Check out the official video for “YE$ i DO” below.

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Twitter: @quedavinciyo | Instagram: @quedavinciyo | Soundcloud: QueDavinciYO

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