Philly-Based Duo Mara x Mini Talk Exclusively With HHW

Where are you from? How do you know each other?
Mara: I’m from Southwest Philly — Mini is from North Philly. We met at Jtraxz studio for the recording of our song “We Matter” and we just clicked.  

What inspired you to first put pen to paper?
  We came together on the We Matter song by our manager Ms. Vera. Although, I love to write and am always inspired by a good beat.
Mini: And, I co-wrote the Prelude for “We Matter” and am looking forward to writing songs with Mara. We both agree lyrics will come to us at night and sometimes even wake us up.    

With Black History month kicking off, what are two key lessons you’ve taken from the BLM movement as it relates to protesting for equal rights and fighting to be heard?
Mara x Mini:
We totally align with the three words Black Lives Matter. We’ve vocalized our support for the BLM movement in our lyrics of our We Matter song. Peaceful protests for equal rights are the voices that will be heard the loudest.
Mara: The two key lessons we hope for is to spread awareness and push for social and economic reform.

Who directed the music video for “We Matter”? Was it a liberating experience?
Mara x Mini:
The video was directed by Goat Major. We all sat down and brainstormed about how we wanted people to receive our We Matter message visually. The experience was not only liberating, it was so much fun.
Mini: I agree — we loved being a part of the creative process as well.

Who are some of your biggest musical influences overall? What are some recently-released albums that you’re listening to right now?
Mara: I’m influenced most by Beyonce because she’s an outstanding performer. Right now I’m listening to Beyonce and SZA.
Mini: I’m influenced most by Jay Z. I like his cadence and confidence. Right now I’m listening to Mulatto and Lil Durk.    

How did you navigate your career throughout 2020 with the pandemic in full effect?
Prior to meeting Mini, I was writing and posting my songs on social media.
Mini: Before we linked up I was freestyle rapping, dancing and teaching choreography. We decided to form the duo in September/October of last year.  

Do you have big plans for 2021?
Mara: Do we have plans for 2021? YES!! We will write music that showcases our diversity as a duo and we want to become a household name, and win awards for our efforts.  
Mini: Yup, we guarantee to keep you guessing and you’ll be happy with what we present.  

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