Paul Mahsahn Talks Music, His Personal Experiences, Where Gets His Inspiration From & More

Where do you get your inspiration from? 

I get my inspiration from life itself and my own personal experiences.

What do you want the public to get out your music?

I want the public to to know that high concept lyrically inclined music is not dead. I also want the public to know that it is possible to deliver high quality content while simultaneously rocking the microphone.

Top 5 artists you would want to work with? 

Top 5 artist id like to work with would be Kendrick Lamar, J Cole, Nas, Black Thought, and Daylyt. 

What producers would you want to work with?

DJ Squeeky of Memphis.  

What has been the most important thing you learned so far about the industry? 

You have to be relentless in your pursuits, and stay focused on your objectives. Don’t be distracted

 What sets you apart from your industry peers? 

Musically I aim to provide consumers a good time while lighting the flames of the people’s conscious to new degrees.

How important is performing on stage?

Performing on stage is very important because it allows the opportunity for fan engagement. The people want to be entertained by charismatic individuals that possess a feel for connecting with the people.

Top 5 artists that inspired you?

The top 5 artists who inspired me was 2pac, Cube, Nas, MJG, and Scarface.

Stream “Where Were You God” Below

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