NYC Artist Polo Shak Makes His HHW Debut

Shakeel Wasean Ivery, known professionally as Polo Shak, Born December 8th, 1992 is a American rapper, songwriter, and activist. Born and raised In New York, he’s been working on his music craft since age 7, and later formed a group called Gemstarz at age 12 where he did talent shows.

In his old Junior high school he began to take music more serious than he thought. He went to the Apollo Theater in Harlem for music auditions where he didn’t succeed; as a group. He continued his talents where he begin doing shows all over the city of New York from 2016 until 2020.

Polo Shak met famous celebrities and musicians during his come up, such as ( Manolo Rose, Lil Wayne, Jadakiss, Cardi B, Dj Funk Master Flex, Chief Keef, 6ix9ine, Lawrence Fisburn, Amare Stoudemire and more.

Now as he continues his work ethics, things are going much smoother as planned. Polo Shak recently dropped two projects “12:08” & “Que Tú Sabe” back to back. He also shot eleven consecutive Music Videos during, the Corona Virus pandemic in 2020. He recently received 1 Million Views on Instagram with his single “Que Tú Sabe”

He’s now working much more smarter, and harder than ever, with now advertising, networking and marketing with companies such as Belaire which is known for liquor, champagne. Getting notice by Rick Ross, Diddy and the entire Belaire Black bottle boys family.

He is now chasing his dreams for his two daughters Aariyana (6) and Jaiyana (2). Look forward to his new project dropping called New Moonquake which debuts November 26th, 2020. Will he actually become a member of Dream Chasers with hip hop icon Meek Mill? Maybach Music Group with Rick Ross? or just stay independent as a unsigned artist?? Stay tuned.

Polo Shak “Que Tú Sabe” (Music Video)

Polo Shak “Pour My Heart Out” (Music Video)

Link To Album: “Que Tú Sabe”

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