Not Just Another Urban Movie, “Out of Bounds” Leaves Viewers Emotionally Charged

S. Denise

Out of Bounds pulls the viewer in with a powerful opening scene. In this nontraditional scene, the writer intentionally sets the tone for the internal struggle the main character “Travis” will battle throughout the movie. The characterization of the main character “Travis” is one that may be somewhat familiar. Furthermore, the storyline can be echoed in many urban cities. Taking place in Memphis, Tennessee this location adds a layer of context. Consciously using Tennessee natives while casting, the writer captures the authentic and iconic dialect that can only be found in this unique city.

At the climax of the movie, the perfect storm is created. “Travis” is faced with life-altering challenges. For this young teen, Murphy’s Law is real. Battling adversarial relationships and unresolved trauma from physical and emotional loss, “Travis” fights daily to confront past demons and future consequences. The fine line between right and wrong clashes with the morality of life and death. Trapped in a life that was destined for someone else this young teen’s goals and aspirations become another dream deferred.

Out of Bounds grips viewers with the interweaving of themes that are all too common for many teens. The battle between guilt, shame, loyalty, and lies although captivating, sheds light on an ongoing struggle many inner-city teens face. Systemic failures, missed opportunities, and limited resources create additional chaos in a life already stricken with pandemonium. This movie leaves any viewer feeling the tension the main character constantly experiences. Lastly, it is bound to leave viewers emotionally charged.

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