North Carolina Rapper, Kurrlina Kurrlina Delivers Positivity With EP “PVO” (Positive Vibes Only)

Born and raised in an area of North Carolina considered by some to be a negative place, Markel Albritton (also known by his professional name, Kurrlina Kurrlina) is a positive person. He described the rough and rugged Fairmont area as spontaneous. “You never really know what’s going to happen so you just have to really prepare yourself for anything.” Kurrlina has been preparing for years, working hard to share his music with a wide audience. “Just because the odds are against you doesn’t mean you can’t win. I’m a positive person from a negative place trying to influence positive vibes through my music.”

For his 5-song EP, “POV,” Kurrlina created uplifting music which talks about what he has seen and what he has been through. “The majority of my music is based on motivating people coming from struggle,” he said, “because a large part of my life was based on the struggle.” Recorded at ChopHouze Studios in Greensboro, North Carolina and released earlier this year, Kurrlina’s collection showcases his distinct style, real sound and defined flow. Creating dope music for everybody, his rap falls in the same line as artists such as J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar.

The most recent single from the EP, “Karma” speaks of real life events and the consequence of our actions. Kurrlina said “I believe if you do good… you get good, and if you do bad, you get bad.” The single and music video are enjoying great success, especially on YouTube, where the first video for the EP, “Bag” also received much attention. “Bag” is about coming from a bad situation where success is not always visible, and getting motivated to get up and take care of business.

Transforming his interest in poetry into a master songwriting skill, Kurrlina became serious about his music career in 2010 when he won a huge rap battle. After dropping five consecutive mixtapes annually and winning five most outstanding performances, he opened for major artists such as Migos, Rich Homie Quan, Young LA and Legend Zero. Now under the management of Jermaine Williams (J’WILL), Kurrlina is proving that a person does not need to become a statistic of their environment. As a man raised without a strong father figure, Kurrlina is inspired to work relentlessly to prepare his own children for the future.

Tenacious and determined, Kurrlina has just finished putting the final touches on ten new tracks for the Deluxe edition of “POV.” In addition to “Bag,” “Karma” and the three other songs on the EP, the deluxe release will feature a total of 15 songs, including the brand new track and his next single, “Pipped Up.” Kurrlina strives to convey how to create positive experiences out of negative situations with the EP and new music. “I hope the fans enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed making it.”

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