New York Based Collective Sky Society Focuses On Creating Higher Ways Of Connecting With Music

New York based collective Sky Society has been on a mission to change the way people interact with and think about music since their humble beginnings in 2011. The collective spent the last 5 years of their career studying all different types of music from Africa.

Sky Society wants its listeners to embrace the journey of life in a wholesome way. They offer their music as medicine for anyone who wants to expand their thinking and music catalog; the group has battled to stay relevant in the wake of the global pandemic but have come out the other end healthy thanks to their supporting community.

The group of creatives plan to release a new project this summer as a follow up to their last EP, “Between The Sounds (Vol. 1).” The project will be an EP called “Heart Beats: The Love Loops (Vol. 2).” The collective recently reported shooting a music video for one of their upcoming singles. The EP will also be available on Vinyl aside from its normal digital distribution.

To find more info about Sky Society follow their Instagram here:

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