[New Single] Russ Drops Off New Single “Can’t Be Me”

Hip-hop star Russ returns with his brand new single “Can’t Be Me”, where he sings about his continuous grind in the music business. 

Nah, it can’t be me / Bein’ one of those ones, nah / Who doesn’t get shit done (Uh) /Wonder why they never won (Hm) / Nah, it can’t be me (Hm) / Lettin’ time go to waste (Nah), sittin’ around all day (Uh)

Since his departure from Columbia Records and becoming an independent artist, the Atlanta-bred artist has been releasing music at a consistent pace. He’s also the type of artist who uses his music to self-reflect. “Shoutout to all the fans everywhere. Can’t wait to come see y’all again,” he wrote on Twitter.

Listen to the smooth “Can’t Be Me” here.

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