[New Music] Toni Braxton Sings The Importance of Letting Go In New Single “Do It”

Toni Braxton has returned with her first single in two years. 
The seven-time Grammy award winning R&B legend provides some words of wisdom about healing and moving on from a toxic relationship on her latest delivery,  “Do It.” 

“He ain’t gonna change / If you take him back it’s gon’ be the same / Just do what you need to do,” she sings.

Braxton revealed that the motivation behind the track was a friend who was trying to end a rough relationship.

“I wrote this song about a year ago when a friend was going through the struggles of trying to end a relationship that wasn’t good for her. We have all been through situations like this, when there is really nothing more to say, you know he’s not right and you just need to do what you need to do. There is also an element of hope in the song, that after you do what you need to do things will get better.”

“Do It” is Braxton’s first release since her 2018 album Sex & Cigarettes. In the time since that release, she has since left Def Jam and went on to ink a new label deal with Island Records, where she plans to release her forthcoming album.

The singer and reality star also also shared some welcomed advice of self-reflection during quarantine. 

“During these unprecedented times, make the most of your time indoors with some self-reflection. Now might be a good time to quarantine your heart as well in order to examine what it really needs.”

Toni’s signature vocals shine through on the balad, just as radiantly as they did back in 1993. Are you feeling the latest break-up melody from the legend? Take a listen below. 

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