[New Music] Listen to Jhené Aiko’s New Album ‘Chilombo’

Jhené Aiko fans rejoice! The singer’s third studio album “Chilombo” has arrived and it is filled with Aiko’s beautiful vocals and classic R&B sound. It also features a number of guest appearances – from her beau Big Sean (“None of Your Concern”), to H.E.R., rapper Nas and R&B sensation Miguel (“Happiness Over Everything (H.O.E.)”), to name a few.

Jhené celebrates her strength and power on this soulful project and explores sound healing therapy by including crystal alchemy singing bowls in every song. In a previous interview with Billboard, the singer talked about the record, saying: “I still love to write all types of songs and listen to all types of music, but Chilombo definitely has a lot more acoustic instruments because I wanted it to be music that you can feel. You can hear what the mic was picking up in the room. Everyone was playing actual instruments, [and] those resonate with you differently than digital. Chilombo is all of my projects that I put out prior to this combined. This is the baby — but it’s the evolved version.”

Aiko will be hitting the road in a few months in support of Chilombo, traveling across the U.S. and Canada, alongside Queen Naija and Ann Marie.

Stream Chilombo below.

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