NewFlo Brody Shares His New EP Titled “It’s Been Awhile.”

As the world is in chaos there are a few great things that is coming out of this quarantine. Artists are perfecting their crafts and as the world is at a standstill the rest has allowed them to think deep inside themselves and come up with new inspirations for their writing process. Today, we want to share a new project from a New York native that has a track for just about anybody. New Flo Brody shares his new EP titled “It’s
Been Awhile.”

“I just locked in and the music started flowing,” Brody says. “I create from the energy the beat gives me.”

The project displays Brody’s influences like Jeezy, Rick Ross, and Drake. New Flo Brody has a lot to offer and he’s ready to show the world what he’s made of. Be on the lookout for new tracks, projects, and appearances.

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