Mya Opens Up About Self Love And How She’s Happily Married To Herself

Who knew that anyone could actually get married to themselves? Well, singer Mya obviously got the memo because she just let out the secret that she’s married and got married to herself back in 2013.

In an interview with Claudia Jordan on her Fox Soul show “Out Loud” the “My Love Is Like Whoa” singer explained the photos of her in a wedding dress on social media back in February. She told Claudia, “I did a music video where I married myself and the Internet went crazy when a wedding photo was leaked first and I just went along with it,” she shared, laughing. “Because I actually did marry myself in real life at the end of 2013.”

Mya also broke it down and said it was all in the name of self love. “Last year, I renewed my vows stepping into a new year. It’s not about anything like ‘all men are bad’ or anything like that. It’s really about becoming your best self and making sure that you’re leveling up in all aspects of your life.”

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