Multitalented Musician and Entrepreneur Inspires Others Through Unique Sound and Style

One of the hottest producers in the game is on a roll with a string of new singles, the most recent of which is his hit “I Got Work.” ML Underwood is a veteran of the music industry whose resume includes collaborations with Boosie Badazz, Willie Taylor, Shawnna, Jhonni Blaze and more. He’s been a hit maker for many years but often has gone unrecognized by the masses because of his works behind the scenes as a producer. But his new string of hits showcases his full talents as a musician and puts him at the forefront.

Working with Grammy-winning engineer Slavic Livins, ML Underwood has created an original sound that is cutting through the crowded marketplace with a unique sound and style. On “I Got Work,” Underwood taps into the amazing vocal talents of Sandy Redd, one of the standout

performers on NBC’s “The Voice.” Singing on the hook as a feature on the song, Redd adds a layer of excellence that takes this single into the stratosphere.

“She has the most control in her voice than anyone I’ve ever seen,” Underwood said. “Slavic taught, she’d be perfect because we knew we needed someone’s voice that was strong enough and had control. It goes perfect against the Rap beat we’ve created.”

Underwood describes his sound as unpredictable and full of surprises, just like his life. Having faced multiple adversities over the years and coming out stronger, he uses those experiences to connect with audiences all over the world. His goal in life is to help other people which he does through a variety of philanthropic efforts as well as through his company MyLife Entertainment.

After spending five years in prison, Underwood stepped out with an aim to turn his life around and establish standing in the world of music. His determination and high self-esteem helped him find success in his various endeavors. Not only has he realized his own dreams, however, but has had the opportunity to help others facing struggles to turn their lives around. In particular, he stepped up to improve the lives of his fellow inmates who were struggling to achieve stability in life. It led to the establishment of a beneficial service for inmates known as The United Prisoner Association. Serving as the voice of the young African American generation, Underwood helps inmates turn their lives around by providing them a platform through which they can fulfill their long lost dreams.

“I use my music to empower the African American community to follow the light and find success in their lives,” he said. “My music is a force that is acquiring worldwide recognition in African American music. My life is serving as a source of inspiration for those who are failing to turn their dreams into reality, and my music is encouraging people to take a stand and fight to live their lives exactly the way they want to.”

ML Underwood’s music is available across all streaming platforms. To listen to his music or to follow him on social media, please visit:

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