Multitalented Entertainer Offers World of Delightful Nostalgia With EP ‘Wonderland’

Time recycles and sounds that were popular many decades before become popular again. For artists like Johnny Wvlker, who has been a student of Pop culture for most of his life, this time of rebirth is perfect for him to display his unique sound and style as a musician. His latest EP, “Wonderland” is a perfect example of that. With big heavy guitars, huge basses and a foundation of synths, this project is homage to the 1960s, 70s and 80s music with which he grew up. He’ll further explore that sound with a deluxe version of the EP that’s set to drop on Jan. 8, which will feature four new songs.

The debut single from that forthcoming deluxe edition of “Wonderland” is a song called “Mid-90s Van Dame.” A fusion of multiple genres that include Rock, Pop and Hip Hop, the song is evocative of the sounds that surrounded some of his favorite 80s movies, especially “Bloodsport” which starred Jean Claude Van Dame.

“I’m a big film nerd and in the mid-90s, Van Dame was the GOAT,” Wvlker said. “I’m a child of history and a Pop culture junky, and I love music and films from that time. I’m constantly reading and learning and I like to look back and see what it took for the world to get to where it is today. All the things that built the world I like to go back to and reference, and this single is exactly that.”

Wvlker is a rapper, painter and poet who had been a published author since the age of 9. He first stepped onto the music scene in summer 2019 at the BET awards where he released his debut single “GENGAR,” which hit more than 200,000 streams in just a couple of months. Since that time, fans have come to know him for his unique yet familiar sound with tones of heavy Rock-inspired instrumentals paired with darkly melodic lyrics.

In July 2020, he dropped a Pop-art-style Rap video called “Visions” that was a vivid compilation of his favorite cult films and cartoons mixed with VFX and animation. That single has garnered more than 5 million streams and has seen more than 500,000 plays on his YouTube channel.

Wvlker has parlayed that success into other entertainment and business ventures. Apart from being an artist, he is also an up-and-coming entrepreneur running multiple companies. He owns and operates his label called Dead Poet Soxiety. He run a global publishing company and marketing agency called DPS Inc. And he was recently recognized as one of the top up-and-coming entrepreneurs in Los Angeles by LA Wired Magazine, who named him one of 2020’s Top 40 Under 40.

Across all his entertainment offerings, Wvlker said he hopes to be able to create a sense of nostalgia for his fans, while also giving them something entertaining to listen to.

“The songs we all listen to, we like them so much because they give us a similar feel and we get to personalize it for ourselves,” he said. “I’m putting my music out there and people will either get it or they won’t. People can take what they want from it. You can have your own world and your own reality, and Wonderland is the place I created for all of us to be.”

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