Milla Santana’s Been Dropping The Heat All 2020

“Every song that I write comes from a real place.”

Milla Santana

The beautiful and talented Milla Santana has been setting the tone for greatness since she first graced our ears with her “Something Real” single.

Milla has sung background for hitmakers like Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato and participated in a commercial honoring Jennifer Lopez as MTV’s 2018 Video Vanguard recipient. Her most recent endeavor includes performing back-up vocals for H.E.R. at the 2019 BET Awards. Milla names several artists that have and continue to inspire her such as Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Jazmine Sullivan, and Brazilian icons like Marisa Monte, Djavan, and Caetano Veloso to name a few.

After grandly announcing herself into the industry with “Something Real” and following up with “Calor” over the summer, the Brazil-born, New York-raised singer and songwriter, Milla Santana, is slated to release her third single, “Reason”, Friday, October 2nd.

Santana describes it as a nostalgic take on today’s R&B while staying true to blending Brazilian elements. You can follow Milla on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, and all other major streaming platforms to listen to her music and for the upcoming release.

“Reason is a song for every woman that has found herself stuck between everything she knows and everything she feels. It’s about heartbreak and how even the strongest women find themselves in that position at least once in their lifetime. Lyrically, I believe it to be the deepest song that I’m sharing so far.”

Milla Santana

In as little as 3 months and with only two singles out, Milla has reached over 30,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. “Calor” and “Something Real” combined have been included in more than 300 playlists, reaching over 100K streams altogether.

While we wait for the melodic masterpiece, “Reason”, enjoy the angelic sounds of Milla below.

Follow Milla Santana’s journey via Instagram @millasantana

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