Miami’s Wise Guy Frank Uses Music As Therapy While Solidifying His Name In The Rap Game

Is music good for you? No doubt about it. But is it therapeutic? Wise Guy Frank thinks so. The Florida-based hip-hop artist has learned that music can be good for the brain, the body, and the soul. It can help heal hearts that are hurting and make life a little more bearable for those going through rough times and tough times.

Certainly, much of his music is raw and painful, but it’s life, and life is sometimes that way. Wise Guy Frank, which is the stage name of Benjamin Davis, grew up in the Overtown part of Miami. He shares that he had plenty of trials and tribulations, but music helped him get through it all and gave him a creative outlet while others may not have been so lucky. But it’s his love of learning that really pushed him in positive directions.

“All my life I’ve believed you have to be teachable in order to grow, and once you stop being able to learn, you are no longer growing,” he said.

Wise Guy Frank’s early musical influences included Tupac Shakur along with rappers Lil Boozie/BoosieBadazz plus Kevin Grant. His musical material comes from the streets, which he calls “ghetto gospels,” giving listeners an auditory look at the undiscovered Miami. It’s tough, but it’s also a place where, if you work at it, love wins rather than hate.

“Music is therapeutic to my everyday life,” he said. “It’s a creative outlet where I get to use my words to express myself.”

Wise Guy Frank has signed with Kingg Kong Records. He’s getting a lot of interest in his music due to “Cut Throat,” a piece that featured Boosie Badazz. He said the ideas for “Cut Throat” come from certain experiences in his life that he still feels emotion about.

“I talk about the world being a jungle and being prepared for that, like getting money and enjoying life with a pretty woman,” he said.

He takes the mantle of “Wise Guy” seriously, more along the lines of a deep thinker who feels blessed and is always looking for insight into life.

Follow him on social media @wiseguy_frank and @kinggkong_records

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