Miami Heat Star Bam Adebayo Surprises His Mother With a House For Her 56th Birthday.

After struggling and growing up in a trailer Bam always knew when the opportunity presented itself he would by his mom a home. Well the opportunity presented itself. Two weeks after signing a life changing contract Bam decided to surprises him mother with a home for her 56th birthday.

“The smile she had on her face was priceless,” Adebayo said after Monday’s practice at American Airlines Arena during a Zoom call with reporters. “And just seeing that woman go through what she went through and finally getting a break and being able to say, like, ‘This is mind and I own this,’ that was a big thing for me. My mom’s never owned anything. I always wanted her to own something, that she could say, ‘This is mine’ and feel good about it. I wanted her to have 10 toes down, this is my house.”

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