Miami Artist Eman, Shares New Single “Beetle Juice” With HHW

Hopping from home to home in Miami while growing up in grade school, the only stability Eman found was in his music. “My mother and I would hustle up money just so that we could eat and I could go to the studio”, states Eman. From a rough upbringing to a terrible accident that lead to the loss of his cousin Kay Kay, Eman also suffered a month long paralysis from that same accident. Fully recovered, Eman is determined to leave a legacy for his family. “I’ve got things to do”.

“What I admire most, is his drive to success”, states Lynn Hobson, Hip-Hop Publicist.

Not letting the pandemic stop him from spreading melodies to the masses, we are graced with the release of his latest single, “Beetle Juice”. The song talks about not stopping until he has gotten everything positive that’s coming to him and as Eman emerges as one of the south’s hottest hip-hip artists, it it obvious that the only direction he is headed, is up. 

Check out the video now for your viewing pleasure and follow Eman at @emangetdough

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