Memphis, Tennessee Artist, MINDFRAME Makes His HHW Debut

Memphis, Tennessee based artist, MINDFRAME, is always searching for new topics to explore in his music. He’s done so yet again with his single, “Lay Ya Down,” as well it’s accompanying video. The topic at hand this time is sex. MINDFRAME utilizes his platform on the track as a means of seduction, crooning vivid details about his abilities between the sheets and his unceasing attentiveness and generosity to his partners.

The video, directed by Immaquelent Visions, is fraught with raw
sensuality and sticks to a distinctive “throwback” aesthetic,
emphasizing the song’s influences from artists like the Isley Brothers
and Bobby Womack. MINDFRAME’s co-star in the video, Pamela Backus
(insta: @pamgotdamn), impeccably fulfills her role as a sultry realtor
and is sure to entice viewers. “Lay Ya Down” makes for an ideal
soundtrack to any intimate evening and its video only serves to
emphasize that. The video for “Lay Ya Down” is available to view now
on YouTube.

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